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Meet the Team:

We come in different shapes and sizes, and with a wide range of outside interests and experiences. But the one thing we have in common is a passion for all that is possible with 3D printing. We don’t believe in traditional titles, but each of us play a role in helping to make your experience of 3D printing and 3D Central the best it can be.

Chris Caswell aka “Chief Designer of Stuff”


Chris has been obsessed with 3D Printing ever since he read an article on the emerging tech in middle school, and made the connection to Star Trek.  After a B.A. in Computer Science, he moved to Boston to work as a Data Engineer. As soon as 3D Printers became accessible, he bought one and dove into the world of Replication Technology. A few years later he and his wife Cyndi quit their day jobs and moved to Richmond to start their 3D Printing business full time.

Cyndi Laird, aka “Smooth Operator”

Cyndi owns and operates 3D Central along with her husband Chris. She has been working in the world of 3D printing since 2011, when the duo bought their first 3D Printer and opened up an online store together. Over the years, Cyndi has gained both a technical knowledge of the machines and industry, as well as become well-versed in the factors required to run an ever-expanding small business in this new field. Cyndi earned her B.A. in Biology and worked in Alzheimer’s Research and Pharmaceuticals before embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship.


Andrew Sink, aka “Robot Wrangler”


3D Central’s Production Manager who keeps the printers running virtually 24 hours a day! A graduate of the University of South Florida, Sink studied 3D printing extensively while in school and experimented with various methods for chemically processing 3D printed parts. Before joining 3D Central, Andrew worked as a Laboratory Technician in the R&D department of an automotive manufacturing company. He is an avid cat lover and keen photographer, often combining the two.

Ian Sole, aka “The Old Man”

Retired from corporate America in 2006 having held senior positions at Fisher Price, Hamilton Beach, and American Woodmark Corporation. Since then he has devoted his time to supporting small businesses and in doing so met Chris and Cyndi, and like them, fell in love with the possibilities offered by 3D Printing. Ian lives near Charlottesville, Virginia and when not learning more about the technology loves talking about it to friends and family, and when they are not around, to any of his 3 dogs! His role is to build awareness of our services and support customers with business related questions